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Our Team Members

Ann Monroe Ann Monroe
Social Services Director
Christina Burton Christina Burton
Director of Staff Development
Christina Freitas Christina Freitas
Dietary Manager
Janine Bauschka Janine Bauschka
MDS Coordinator
Steve Green Steve Green
Life Enrichment Coach
Susan Bradford Susan Bradford
Life Enrichment Coach
Jennifer Ashton Jennifer Ashton
The Village Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant
Danny Graybill Danny Graybill
The Village Physical Therapist Assistant
Rob Murrin Rob Murrin
The Village Physical Therapist
Justin Church Justin Church
The Village Occupational Therapist
Loriann Manriquez Loriann Manriquez
Admissions/Move-in Coordinator
Tamara Philpot Tamara Philpot
Alex Ramirez Alex Ramirez
Fitness Instructor
Marina Leos Marina Leos
Housekeeping Supervisor